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The EIT Food Solutions Program is waiting for YOU in 2024!

If you are a Bachelor, Master or PhD student from one of the Hungarian Universities with a passion for food, innovation and entrepreneurship, you are welcome to join us!

New year, new challenges:

This year the focus is on reducing food and packaging waste.

„ZeroWaste Design: Reducing food and packaging waste for sustainable supply chains systems”

To reduce waste, food and packaging need to be considered together, and we need new innovative solutions with a holistic focus on Circularity and sustainability:

The Program structure:

Between March and November 2024, being part of a 3-4-5 members team, you are participating in a case competition between different European Universities working on the ecological and environmentally conscious design of food packaging, reducing their negative impact on the environment and the food industry (eco-design).

When you join, you will benefit from entrepreneurship and product development education to produce an innovative, tangible food solution.


During the year you can participate in the ONLINE meetings, and at the end of the Program, you are welcome to join a Final Conference abroad where the top 3 teams have a chance to win financial prizes..

Detailed information can be found on the flyer HERE.

Don’t forget to register today!

Application deadline via the email kinga.varsanyi@campdenbri.co.uk 26 March 2024

Link to registration:LINK

Food Solution official website:https://www.eitfood.eu/projects/food-solutions