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The GLOPACK (Granting society with LOw environmental impact innovative PACKaging) project is investigating food packaging with no environmental footprint and the ability to extend the shelf life of food products.

The project is focusing on three food packaging areas:

As part of the GLOPACK concept a decision-supporting tool will be developed to help designing and communicating eco-innovative packaging alternatives to all end-users.

GLOPACK project also has a Stakeholders’ Platform where the members

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 773375.

What were objectives of GLOPACK H2020 project?

The GLOPACK “bio-circular” food packaging

The GLOPACK “bio-circular” biopolymer:

The GLOPACK active and intelligent packaging:

Financed by: Horizon 2020 H2020

Project Coordinator: Valérie Guillard, Université de Montpellier

Project duration: 06.2018-05.2021

Website: www.glopack2020.eu

Twitter: @GlopackP

Linkedin: GLOPACK projekt

More information:

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