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EIT Food HUB programs in 2022:


Az EIT Food activities in Hungary


EIT Food – opportunities for members:

EIT Food Hub activities

Start-up activities: PANNON Pro Innovations Ltd.

EIT Food Hub activities in 2021

Our events and programs in Hungary, 2021

Awareness Day I:

Awareness Day II: - connected to the Open Day of Campden BRI Hungary and to the GLOPACK H2020 project Final Conference:

Challange Labs: Food industry in Hungary – challenges and directions for innovation 2021

Summer School: EIT Food Data Management Summer School (2021 szeptember 13 – 17)

Further information:

dr. Adrienn Hegyi, Campden BRI Hungary

E-mail: adrienn.hegyi@campdenbri.co.uk

Kinga Varsányi, Campden BRI Hungary

E-mail: kinga.varsanyi@campdenbri.co.uk