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Increasing participation in the EIT Food activities

Funded by the Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation Office

Project ID: 2021-1.2.1-EIT-KIC-2021-00007

The project aims to foster innovation in the Hungarian food industry by aligning RDI, entrepreneurship development and training activities; and by increasing the participation of CBHU, as a Hungarian partner in EIT Food activities and international RDI projects.

This will help participants of the knowledge triangle, in particular businesses and start-ups, to increase their involvement in EIT Food activities, international projects, entrepreneurship development and networking programmes.
As part of the RDI activities, in the Pro4Bake, EIT Innovation project we plan to develop production planning and consumer demand forecasting software for bakery SMEs, and a training and consultancy manual and curriculum.
The use of the digital twin and artificial intelligence is a good example of the benefits of Industry4.0 and digitisation solutions in the food industry enhance further application. During the project, we organize entrepreneurship development workshops, where the aim is to develop as many innovative ideas as possible that can be scaled in the future, with the greatest possible potential to get into one of the EIT Food international programmes.
A networking event will also be held, which will support industry innovators to connect with business coaches and industry professionals.
These events are held annually, thus contributing to the development of the food innovation community.
By visiting senior management of 30 food companies, the opportunities provided by EIT Food and information tailored to their specific needs on the areas, such as RDI, innovation, education, business creation, skill development and moreover relevant successful project examples will be explained to facilitate their participation in EIT Food.
Both entrepreneurship development and RDI activities include training-related elements that complement the trainings carried out by CBHU and PANNON Pro in the framework of the activities for the Hungarian EIT Food RIS Hub.

EIT Food Open Innovation Call 2023: download here

EIT Food Open Innovation Call 2023 info in Hungarian language: download here

EIT Food Awareness Day 24.November 2022 – Invitation, Agenda download here

Activities of the EIT Food and the Hungarian EIT Food Hub, open call for proposals and training opportunities, round table discussion on the opportunities, good practices and solutions for improving energy efficiency, especially in the food processing activities.


EIT Food website hompage: https://www.eitfood.eu/

EIT FOOD Campden BRI: https://campdenbri.hu/palyazatok/EITFOODPLATFORM.php

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