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Circular based alternative protein extraction from grape seeds (PROSEED)

Aim of the project::

PROSEED aims at valorising wine industry side-stream as grape seeds to obtain alternative protein for food& beverages industry.

PROSEED goal is to test and bring to the market one circular-based environmentally friendly and economically sustainable new protein product.

Grape seed protein can be used as fining agent of additive in several application to replace raw material currently used such as gelatine of animal origin characterized by a large environmental footprint or protein extracts from food crops like pea or potato characterized by ethic conflicts with food production and by allergen limits related to the gluten content.

Grape seed’s protein can broadly increase the alternative protein demand in the European Community considering the acute feed protein deficit in EU.
Nowadays, Europe suffers a 70% deficit in crude protein and imports annually around 15 million tons of crude protein from South and North Americas.
Campden BRI Hungary will set up and organize co-creation workshops with the potential users and consumers.

Partners involved:: Caviro (Italy), Caviro Extra (Italy), INALCA, UNITO (Italy), CAMPDEN BRI Hungary, MAGFI (Malta)

Founded by: EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) Food

Duration: 2022 -2024

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