Unique, company-specific, practical solutions and services

Campden BRI Hungary, the food chain specialist with decades of experience in the food industry, international research, and development, has an innovative service package for its PARTNERS tailored to their unique needs.

The aim of Campden BRI Hungary is to provide fast, specific, practical and competitive knowledge on the field of

Our goal is to improve quality and efficiency, food safety and sustainability by solving problems, applying R&D results, reviewing and training - based on advanced technology and industry practice.

Our services:

Our staff includes both middle-aged professionals with decades of business experience and advanced research knowledge and younger professionals with advanced research skills.

Services offered by Campden BRI Hungary

Campden BRI Hungary (CBHU) is a Research and Development Organisation with a unique range of training, technical expertise, and services available to the food, drink, and allied industries in Hungary and in Central and Eastern Europe. The extensive resource of the parent organisation, Campden BRI (UK) provides additional benefit.

Food technology: R&D and related technical and troubleshooting services

Information and legislation services

Regulatory information in Hungarian, European and other international food legislation; assistance in problem solving of technical issues related to food legislation; legal review of labels in Hungarian, English, German, Slovakian, Slovenian, Czech, Bulgarian and Romanian labels, through Campden BRI UK, 45 languages.

Food safety and quality management verification, auditing and training,including HACCP, GMP and ISO 9000 supplier assurance schemes, Good Agriculture Practice. Factory inspection and audit against standards such BRC, IFS, ISO 22 000 or national sector specific GHP codes prepared under the leadership of Campden BRI Hungary. Technical advice for development of assured/labelled systems for plant and animal food chains and for traceability systems throughout the whole food chain. Advice, audit and quality monitoring services for supplier assurance systems.

FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food. Companies who export directly or indirectly to the United States are required to comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Modernisation Act.

Product development from concept to factory trial, with access to our pilot processing facility at Campden BRI (UK). Development of products with health benefits is one of our range of services.

Nutrition and health. We provide guidance to meet the requirements of customers regarding health and nutrition, including legislative support, product development, sensory assessment, etc.

Calculation of the nutritional value of products. We provide quick and effective help in calculating nutritional value using data from national and international databases.

Product shelf life. Comprehensive, complex knowledge of all aspects (safety and quality) of determining product shelf life.

Consumer preference and market information. Food product intelligence, consumer tests according to Hungarian and international perspectives and expectations.

Product and process specifications. Advice in meeting regulatory and commercial requirements of Hungarian and Western European retail organisations.

Sensory evaluation for New Product Development and Quality Control in a well-equipped laboratory.

Food chain management. Food chain management. Advice on better exploitation of complementary resources, capabilities and competencies of the food chain members through harmonised use for achieving common goals and benefits.

Microbiological advice relating to product safety and spoilage; application of microbiological risk assessment in the process and product design and validation.

Listeria management. Controlling Listeria to levels that prevent food contamination requires extraordinary efforts. We provide support to identify the accurate actions to satisfy customer requirements.

Efficiency improvement and cost reduction. Identification of losses, analysis of loss sources and elimination of losses, elaboration of solutions.

Sustainability - one of the key issues for the food industry is to ensure the better exploitation of the resources and that the food manufacturing is undertaken in a sustainable manner.

Optimization of processes with advanced IT and manufacturing solutions. Through IT-based analysis of data obtained using various advanced sensor systems and other monitoring tools, CBHU can provide solutions to optimize production technology and perform food safety and quality validations.

Modernization. Matching food industry needs to digitization and Industry 4.0 solutions, targeting e.g. problem solving, process optimisation and cost reduction.

Consultancy service in case of non-compliance, problems, etc. We provide fast, professional and reliable assistance in investigating supplier, customer and regulatory inquiries and complaints.

Training. A unique range of scheduled or company specific courses and workshops, relevant to the Hungarian and European Food and Drinks Industries are provided to cover all of the above areas.

Business services. Inter-company contacts and business introductions Campden BRI (UK), through personal and business contacts, has developed close links with all sectors of the Hungarian food and allied industries, individual companies, trade associations and councils, relevant government departments and universities, greatly facilitating contact, at appropriate levels, with UK organisations should this be required.

Contribution in interdisciplinary collaboration with ICT sector, manufacturing sector and food industry.

Assistance in access to European R & D programmes

Campden BRI (UK) is ideally qualified and situated to identify project areas, provide technical and management inputs and identify industrial partners wishing to participate in the Horizon 2020 programmes or other European research programmes.