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EIT Food – Consumer Engagement Labs

Co-creation of new food products with consumers 65+

RIS Consumer Engagement Labs are pre-competitive co-creation sessions carried out by a coherent group of consumers (selected based on specific segmentation criteria) in a joint place and limited in time, focused on ideation and development of new product concepts.

Unlike typical sensory panels and consumer surveys, the Labs do not involve testing of sample products but the creation of innovative, non-yet-existing combinations of product features and benefits.

15 new food products introduced to the market by June 2021

Short presentation of the Consumer Engagement Labs: RIS CEL presentation

More info on the website of EIT Food – Consumer Engagement Labs: https://www.eitfood.eu/projects/ris-consumer-engagement-labs


Further information:

Dr. Adrienn Hegyi
Tel: +36 1 433 14 84
E-mail: adrienn.hegyi@campdenbri.co.uk

Tünde Kuti
Tel: +36 1 433 14 71
E-mail: tunde.kuti@campdenbri.co.uk