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KSM Vision

Self-learning and auto calibrating system for vision-based quality inspection of food labels.

Food labelling is vital. It is a legal requirement for food producer, as well as helps consumers make informed decisions when purchasing food and helps them to store and use the food they've purchased safely. Faulty labelling and packaging are one of the leading causes of product recall globally. Recalls are a huge loss for the company in terms of money, resources, and reputation.

To avoid the risk of recalls, FBO implement procedures to ensure the adequacy of food label and packaging. These usually requires the presence and intervention of the operators.

The project aims to fully automate the process of calibration, startup, and reformatting of label quality control system on food production lines. By implementing a camera system to the production line, high resolution images are acquired and transmitted to the PLC of the FBO where the developed algorithms used for image analysis and defect detection.

As part of the project, the system will be tested for jars and pouches.

The system enables the FBOs to react real-time to faults on packaging or labels to improve the efficiency of the production and reduce the risk of complaints and recalls.

Project partners: KSM Vision, Maspex Group, Fruktus Agros Nova, Tymbark-MWS, Campden BRI Magyarország

Project duration: 1 October 2023-30 September 2025

The project (project ID: 23191) is an EIT Food project, co-funded by the European Union.

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