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Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) Professional Development

The RIS PD (Regional Innovation Scheme Professional Development) is a multidimensional educational program run by EIT Food, created to up-skill as well as to re-skill the farmers, SMEs employees, and young professionals, considered to be the game changers of the food sector in their regions.

The main purpose of this program is to invite career progressors from the agri-food world, men and equally treated women, to turn their innovative ideas into action, to become entrepreneurs in their business and lead sustainability challenges in their geographical areas.

More info about the Regional Innovation Scheme Professional Development: https://www.eitfood.eu/projects/ris-professional-development-2

Further information:

Dr. Adrienn Hegyi
Tel: +36 1 433 1484
E-mail: adrienn.hegyi@campdenbri.co.uk

Kinga Varsányi
Tel: +36 1 433 1477
E-mail: kinga.varsanyi@campdenbri.co.uk